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In December 2006 Community Health Services to the slums surrounding Matri Bhavan was started in a systematic manner. Initially surveys of the areas were carried out and then regular School Camps and Out - reach medical camps with free distribution of medicines was carried out. Also nutritious foods, clothes, blankets etc were distributed among the poor. Community meetings are held regularly on topics such as health, hygiene, nutrition etc and also daily home visits and counseling are done. Annual eye camps are conducted when necessary. Vocational training such as needlework, embroidery, knitting, drawing, painting and Spoken English etc are imparted to needy girls. In order to sustain this programme we chose 10 poor girls from the slums,who were trained in Community Health by a professional body and work in slum areas on a monthly honorarium. They form a part of our Community Health Team which consists of a Project Director, a Field Coordinator, a Computer Analyst, a Health Nurse and ten Health Workers. The response of the Community to such activities organized by Matri Bhavan is very positive and encouraging.

Community Development

Various Welfare Activities are conducted to benefit the poor children and women of the community.

Button Gallery Free Primary Education from Class 1 to IV.
Button Gallery Free Coaching Class support to senior students [ Standard V to Xth ]
Button Gallery Free Distribution of Educational materials to poor children.
Button Gallery Free Distribution of Medicines, supplementary food and clothing for poor mothers and children.
Button Gallery Training in Handicraft needle work and Tailoring for poor women and girls.

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